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Iranian researchers introduce definitive and Irreversible treatment of stuttering:

One of the prominent Iranian researchers was able to cure stuttering definitively for the first time in the world on the basis of mental simulation and visualization. According to Dr. Mohammad Ehsan Taghizadeh, PhD in psychology and the project manager, this treatment is based on a scientific, academic and research approach which came to a definitive result after a decade. What you may read in the following is a brief discussion about this specific method of treatment:

  1. Dear Dr. Taghizadeh please introduce yourself and your scientific achievements:

As you might know, my name is Mohammad Ehsan Taghizadeh. I’m a university professor, holding two PhDs in Cognitive Psychology and Clinical Psychology. I’m an expert on science of Mind Simulation. I’m also the developer of the Theory of Mind Language. I’m the founder and the director of Mind-Enabling Center (the World Leading Clinic for Effective Treatment of Stuttering). I have published more than 100 books and articles on professional subjects, such as philosophy for Children, Application of Mind Simulation in different fields such as absolute treatment of Stuttering, Driving without Accident, and Smart Football Training.

Hereby, I want to present the results of 20 years of my hard work and scientific studies in this field.

Our researches of over 2 decades have led us to present a treatment which is a fundamentally different INNOVATION with regard to the theory and practice of treating stuttering when compared to what is currently known and practiced over the world.


  1. What are the effects of this treatment on people's mind and personality?

With this new method, which we have been practicing in our Center for the last 4 years –stuttering will be completely treated, simply because we do not consider the root of the problem of stuttering to be in the body, speech organs or even in the brain, BUT in the MIND. 98% of the cause of stuttering is simply mental.

We have come to this conclusion after many years of academic studies and experimental and clinical treatments and experiments. Our method will not only resolve the speech problem of the clients, but it will also bring about basic changes in the way of thinking (i.e. positive thinking) and will improve the quality of personal and social lives of the clients. Our method also raises the self-confidence and self-assertiveness of the clients.

  1. How successful your treatment has been?

After 16 years of rigorous studies and scientific practice, my method was finally made public in 2011. So far, up to 500 clients from all over the world have been successfully treated for stuttering in our center. These clients have come to our center from different countries such as Australia, Iran, Italy, Turkey, China, Oman, and even UAE. They have all reached absolute and irrevocable treatment. The videos containing the interviews with the clients before and after treatment are presented in a package.

  1. What are the benefits of this treatment to the economy of treatment and the tourism industry?

For your information, about 2% of the world population suffers from stuttering, which amounts to about 140 million people from different age groups. We have had a wide range of clients/ from children as young as 3 years old/ to the elderly (maximum age = 83).

If we could provide our unique services only to a small group of this large world population, it will attract huge amount of INCOME from around the world.

  1. Is it possible to use the mind simulation method in cases other than stuttering treatment?

With regard to our plan of DRIVING WITHOUT ACCIDENT, we are ready to present special training at 3 different levels, each intended for a different audience. According to the plan, which is based on the science of Mind Simulation, the training will be provided at 3 levels: Short-term Driving Skills (SDS) targeted at the general public (including the pedestrians); General Driving Skills (GDS) targeted at general population of drivers; and Advanced Driving Skills (ADS) aimed at public transportation drivers (including taxi drivers), and interstate truck and bus drivers. Dubai will soon be the leading center for teaching DRIVING WITHOUT ACCIDENT courses in the whole world, if your majesty and the princess so desire.

  1. Would you please tell us a little more about driving without accident and smart football plans:

Finally, there is our great plan for SMART FOOTBALL TRAINING (SFT). In this project, we are able to train great football stars and will raise the level of football in UAE and Dubai to Number 1 in the Golf Region and the neighboring countries in a 1-year-scheme and to a highly significant level at world ranking (i.e. among the TOP 10) in a 5-year-scheme. Using the science of Mind Simulation, we are able to raise football stars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and others from among talented young football players. This is a considerable achievement, since the football elite themselves cannot raise excellent football players like themselves.