Introducing Dr. Taghizadeh

In the name of god

  1. Ph.D. in clinical psychology
  2. Ph.D. in educational psychology
  3. An outstanding researcher and inventor of Mind Simulation Method   and Mind Language
  4. The first stuttering therapist in the world who used irreversible and definitive method
  5. Training football stars, using mind simulation method (for the first time in the world)
  6. Inventor of the new method of driving without accident for the first time in the world
  7. University faculty member and professor
  8. Has more than 100 ISI & ISC research papers on psychology and stuttering subjects
  9. Member of the American psychological Association (APA)
  10. Member of Iranian Society of Social Psychology
  11. Member of the Elite Foundation
  12. Member of the organization of psychology  and consultation
  13. Has the specialist license from Iran’s welfare organization, for  establishing a clinic
  14. Expert and psychologist in TV programmers and shows in the last ten years
  15. Editor of more than 100 scientific degrees in the field of clinical and cognitive psychology
  16. Has more than 50 book titles and translations of academic resources
  17. Director of “enablers” a prominent psychology journal



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