The World without Stuttering

The only specialized center of education, definitive and irreversible treatment of stuttering using mental and psychological simulation method in Iran and around the globe.

Supervised by Muhammad Ehsan Taghizadeh

Faculty member and associate professor

Establishment history of mental empowerment center:

Mental empowerment center was inaugurated in Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting by Muhammad Ehsan Taghizadeh who is a psychologist and a university faculty member and associate professor having researched, treated, trained and provided consulting and psychological services for 20 years officially and they have treated 500 patients definitively (clinical and experiential) and other branches of this center in other countries will be launched in other countries in the near future.

Do you know that people from Iran and around the globe refer to Mental Rehabilitation Center to be treated? Why not?

Because 98% to 99% of the stuttering relates relate to mental, psychological and educational aspect, and this holds while the current stance of the world towards stuttering is mainly physical and the medical methods and speech therapy are used to treat it.

The reasons of stuttering from the founders' standpoint of Mental Rehabilitation Center and new theory of language:


  Verbal observation and simulation                                 Weakness in verbal skills


- Fears including real and imaginary fears like fearing people, animals and darkness that can play an important role in creating stuttering.

- Observing and imitating stuttering people and simulating their speech and also weakness in speech skills are among the main reasons of stuttering.

- Stuttering is accompanied by stress and anxiety?

- Stress and anxiety can intensify stuttering.

Is stuttering hereditary and passed by genetics?

According to the researches conducted by the treatment, research and educational team of Mental Rehabilitation Center, stuttering is not hereditary and it is not passed by genetics.

The evidences provided by the examination of CT scan

FMRI, EEG, MRI, Electroencephalography suggests that the brain of those suffering from mental stuttering is healthy.

The people who are not treated by mental and psychological simulation method?

People who suffer mental retardation, cerebral palsy (CP) and severe stroke, syndrome and autism.

 What are the conditions to be met in our treatment method in order to treat?



How many sessions does it take to treat stuttering?

There are 15 to 20 intensive courses used in this method depending on the type and severity of stuttering and each intensive session includes 5 treatment hours.

In this treatment method children from 2 years old to 100 years old are treated. Of course the patient is not required to refer to Mental Rehabilitation Center 60 t0 70 times because the sessions are made intensive.

In this method not only the person's speech is changed, but also it makes a great change in the character, thought, social relationship and excitements and the person goes towards positive changes.