Making Smart of Soccer Players Through Mind Simulation Knowledge and Psychology


Soccer is the most popular team sport in the world which consists of two teams of eleven players playing with a ball on natural or artificial grass, trying to score goals.

Each team includes some halfbacks, defenders and a goal keeper who are arranged by a head coach. They work like a system which is called soccer. Today, there are >250 million soccer players in over 200 countries. Presence of art, creativity and personal-group tactics in soccer helps spectators to watch this game with a lot of enthusiasm and take more interest in it.

In some countries, soccer has sometimes been a popular game; however, wrong policies and plans have stopped soccer from constant progress, making it incomparable to the soccer played in developed countries. In such countries, adolescents show perseverance and enthusiasm for soccer.

But, as mentioned, inadequacies result from mismanagement and improper planning, quantity and quality.