Comparing of mental health and self-esteem in talented and usual high schools adolescents

Introduction: Environments of talents schools are quite different from ordinary schools, these differences can lead to differences in educational and psychological characteristics of these students with ordinary schools students, and this study compared the mental health and self-esteem of adolescents, in talented and ordinary students of Jiroft.

Method: in this descriptive and analytical study mental health and self-esteem of 131 gifted high school students with 262 ordinary high school students survived and compared. Data were gathered by: Mental health questionnaire (GHQ-28) and Coopersmith self-esteem inventory. Data was analyzed by using SPSS v.18.

Results: The results revealed that 56/4% of the ordinary school students and 45/5% of gifted students acquired scores above the cutoff in mental health questionnaire.

Gifted students' self-esteem was more favorable than students in ordinary schools (p =0), However, significant differences was not found between mental health scores in gifted and others (p =0/25), Also significant positive relationship between the mental health scores and self-esteem scores of the students in both schools were seen (p =0/000).

Males students have better mental health scores than Females students (p=0/000), However, students' self-esteem scores were not significantly different according to sex (p>0/05).

Conclusion: According that young people are the country's capital and attention to the mental health, will be doubly important to prevention of mental health problems, education officials must pay special attention to students' mental health.